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Got a nice write up in DNA about the MOMENT NYC visiting music program. You can read the whole article here.

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The Meaning of Music & Entertainment in NYC (MOMENT NYC) – a journey through the musical history of New York City …is coming to PS110!

There will be a presentation and live performance of some of the music that New York is famous for. Everyone is expected to sing along and maybe even dance a little!

We live in a city where so much amazing music has been created. There is just no place in the world that has the kind of music history we have here in New York. Music from New York has reached and influenced every corner of the globe and is one of the defining characteristics of our city and it’s communities.

The mission of  MOMENT NYC is to celebrate and support through education and performance the diversity and heritage of musical communities throughout New York City. Our goal is to bring the incredibly rich history of music in New York to schools throughout the City in the form of presentations, performances and events, to preserve this history and inspire future generations. Additionally, we are creating an educational website as a teaching resource available to all.

The first program we are bringing to PS110 is an introduction to some of the major musical contributions created in New York. It will include a live performance geared toward interactive participation with the students. Subsequent editions of the program will cover the entire history of music and musical entertainment in New York City, from the Lenape Indians to Tin Pan Ally, Be Bop and Broadway. From Salsa and Punk Rock to Hip Hop and Opera. From the Brill Building, The Apollo and Lincoln Center to Folk music, the present day and everything in between.

The curriculum will be broken into four age-appropriate program levels.

This program’s benefits and areas of study include:
Community pride, participation, musical education, local history, exposure to the arts, social studies, collaboration, creative process, social interaction.

A special thanks goes out to: Karen Feuer, PS110, Eyeball, Jun Oshima and The New School, Alice Arnold and all the musicians, parents and local merchants that have made this possible. We thanks you for your continued support!

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Nobu Siraisi – A collection of works spanning from 1958 to 2006

I’m really excited to announce we just published this short review of my father’s work.
A collection of paintings, sculpture, photography & assemblage, spanning from 1958 to 2006 by Nobu Siraisi, October 17, 2012.
It was a labor of love and a small token of appreciation for all he has done and meant for me. We hope to put out a larger more complete collection at some point in the near future.
Of course I am biased but, I hope you will check it out and discover some of the great works by this generally unknown artist.

Gotta Get Up!

3/25/11 – As is often the case Marissa got out of bed first this morning and started to prod Des to get up as she usually does on the days she takes him to daycare. Generally I get involved as I’m a light sleeper and as hard as I try to pretend I’m sleeping I’m usually fully awake within seconds. Some days Des pops right up (usually on the weekends when we’re trying to sleep in) but other days he just doesn’t want to budge from bed. So we use various methods to wake the sleeping dreamer. This usually involves some tickling, singing, chanting, wrestling etc…Here is today’s get out of bed song. Started by Marissa and joined in by me and Des. Originally his part was “No!” but he changed it to “Stop doing that!” by the time I started recording.Click to hear: “Gotta Get Up!”