Don’t Frack With pushtobreak!!

One of my pieces of music was used in this anti-fracking ad. I strongly support this cause. The power industry is trying to push this through without proper safety testing of their methods as well as creating the next false real estate bubble. People are being told they’re sitting on gold mines…all on speculation…and those people in turn are supporting this dangerous unregulated technique of exploiting our natural resources that potentially will pollute everyone’s water. The companies won’t reveal the chemicals used in their cocktail, that is pumped by the tons into the ground, enough to fracture the earth to release the natural gas, on the grounds of it being a trade secret….yeah, I want that in my water…. nothing good can come of this.

Bumptious live improv using drum triggers

Here’s a little quick improv I did the other day using the electronic kit to trigger samples on the laptop. That’s fun!




Black Friday Madness pushtobreak Remix video

A pushtobreak remix of Black Friday Madness – the follow up to last years Black Friday Madness by special request. Made this little dubstep parody remix yesterday. Now with a scary video.

pushtobreak Live On ArtOnAir

Now up on AIR (Art International Radio) an interview and performance I recently did with DJ Shakey and BangInclude. You can check it out here:

  • Hope you enjoy it!pushtobreakHosted by Banginclude , DJ ShakeyOriginally aired on Monday, March 7th, 2011Let your boom box fantasies come alive listening to Grammy-nominated Genji Siraisi splice together sounds ranging from downtown-NYC-construction-gestalt to forged beats, composed on his rad software, handmade circuits, and re-purposed electronics.

    Nerve Drum plug-in and more…

    I recently had the pleasure of creating some content for and beta testing Nerve; a new drum plug-in made by Steve Duda and Xfer Records. Steve was the creator of the excellent Lucifer and Minion plug-ins for Devine Machine and was also involved in creating BFD and GURU. He is also known as an artist, working with Deadmau5 and other high profile names such as Christina Aguilera, Nine Inch Nails and Tommy Lee. Nerve is a really interesting drum machine/sequencer that is designed to be both used live and in the studio. It accepts wav, aiffs and rex files and has some very unique ways of programming and modulating the sounds and sequences allowing you to really sculpt and completely destroy sounds to your liking. It also comes with a bunch of content to get started.I’ve been a really big fan of Lucifer (an all purpose performance mangler) which I’ve used in laptop performance for a few years now and that’s how I came into contact with Steve. I still haven’t nearly used all the features available in Lucifer and have plenty still to explore in Nerve!You can get a demo of Nerve here: http://www.xferrecords.com/and check out more about Steve Duda here:http://steveduda.com/Incidently, a while back I also created content for and beta tested Devine Machine’s OTR-88 (a Rhodes modeling plug in. Apparently, designed with some consultation with Herbie Hancock!) and Krishna a really cool synth plug in. Both of which I highly recommend.OTR-88 comes with a bunch of pedal emulations and even better allows you to make adjustments to each tine of the piano in very subtle and real world ways such as: vertical and horizontal symmetry and amplitude, pick up distance, stiffness and a bunch more including tuning for micro amounts!Krishna is also a very in depth synth it comes with loads of presets and it’s a good thing because programming it is not for the faint of heart. Very cool stuff.http://www.devine-machine.com/

    Drum Nugs all new-old school breakbeats

    I’ve started a project I’m calling Drum Nugs (nugs- as in nuggets). I’m recording various beats at different venues on different kits and releasing the results here along with pictures and details.This first batch is from a tour last year in Europe. I hope to keep adding more. I’ve already got some in the can that I need to edit and master.I’ve put up a free sample pack version of 62 loops. Hope you’ll check them out and enjoy them.You can link to the Nugs page from the side bar or go to: www.genjisiraisi.com/nugs

    Bar Matchless Sat March 8th

    Hello fellow earth beings…I’m doing a free show at Bar Matchless next Saturday March 8th at 9pm. Also playing that night are my new label mates Ready Fire Aim. It should be a fun night hope you can make it.

    Performing at Warper Party Wed. Dec 12th

    I’m doing a :30 minute Pushtobreak set in the front room at 10:45pm. They usually run on time so get there a little early…It’s a short set!WARPER::::::2 Big Rooms of Omnidigital DJs, Biomorphic Musicians & Multimedia Madness!Live Music From 8 PM Sharp – 18+ electronic performersProjected Images, Workshops, and Interactive Art@ Supreme Trading , Williamsburg Brooklyn213 N. 8th st Williamsburg Brooklyn 11211btw. Driggs and Roebling (L train to Bedford stop, then two blocks)718-599-4224FREE / 21+

    Performing in DC at the X Event

    What: X and PULSE
    Where: Bebar – 1318 9th St., NW
    When: Sat., Nov. 17th 6pm-10 (X) 10 – 3am (PULSE)
    Cost: X – $8 ($5 if you incorporate this month’s theme)
    PULSE – $5 (Free if you e-mail names and corresponding e-mail addresses to: info@eightyeightdc.com by 10pm 11/16)

    MUSIC: Live PA and collaborative, improv performances by:

    Pushtobreak (NYC): http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=pushToBreak
    KataStatik (Baltimore): http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=kStatik
    Adrian Bond (Annapolis): http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=abond
    Aligning Minds (DC/Bmore): http://xindc.t/artist.jsp?id=aligningMinds

    PERFORMANCE: Live, tribal fusion belly dance from Mavi – coming direct from her recent West Coast tour: http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=mavi

    DESIGN: Live graphic design competition with:
    Justin Young: http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=justinYoung
    Liz Rudner: http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=lRudner
    Michael Auger: http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=mAuger

    CURATOR and guest juror:
    Katie Roberts – http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=kRoberts

    Live mashed up video projections by JB aka John Bowen – http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=jBowen

    DC51 Artist Collective – http://xindc.tv/artist.jsp?id=dc51 DC 51 will be bringing a bunch of stencils to do LIVE PRINTING on their pre-bought clothes, or yours! Got a favorite T-shirt, Long sleeve, Bag, Pants that you want redesigned? Be sure to bring them Saturday! Cost is appx. $5-10.Creatives! Keep your eyes out for folks from Conversant Creative. X is partnering with them on creating, in essence, an agency that will utilize artistic talent associated with ‘X’. Seek them out to find out more about the opportunity.<%image(20071116-Nov_feather_FINAL600.jpg|600|600|)%>

    Starting at 10pm, the room opens up…the lights go down and the beats get thick, dirty and teched out. Wear your dancing shoes and loose clothes as we welcome Aaron Sparks and Ryan Elliott into the PULSE family. Ryan was named the 5th best DJ in the world by Resident Advisor in 2006: http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature-read.aspx?id=783 Come Saturday night to find out why.