Groove Collective in EuropeWe just got back recently from a ten day tour of Europe. We played in Paris, London, Bielefeld, Liechtenstein, Insbruck, Salzburg and Vienna. Saw a lot of crazy World Cuppers out and about. The shows went well, we had great responses to the material from the new cd and I ate too much. Looks like we may go back for a quick one in September and then again in October, mostly around the Czech Rep. We played DC’s Black Cat last Fri and will be doing two nights at Sweet Rhythm (which used to be Sweet Basils) here in NYC.Next week I’ll be backing the awesome house diva Lisa Shaw at Joe’s Pub. We’re mostly playing stuff from her new CD ‘Cherry’ which is a bit of a departure for her. It’s still got a lot of the soul house flavor but with a twist of 80’s vibe.