Waves Audio Plugins Hit the Streets

I’ve recently joined the Waves audio plugin Street Team. If your not familiar with Waves plugins then you probably haven’t been involved in professional audio production for the past dozen or so years. I suppose with the plethora of audio plug ins out there it’s possible not to have found them if your relatively new to the scene but, Waves are, I dare say, pretty much an industry standard for the pro market. They are found in most professional studios and mastering facilities and now in many live rigs too. In recent years they not only have become a bit more competitive with their pricing but have also finally moved away from the iLock dongle system which have both made Waves a much more appealing option for smaller facilities and personal studios like my own. I recently upgraded to the latest V9 upgrade and it really has become so much easier to install update and authorize. I am really happy about that. I’ve had the Platinum collection for a few years now and have added a few Waves plugins to my collection on top of that. Waves offer a high standard of sonic quality, system stability and support that set it apart from many plug ins out there.

So what exactly is the “Waves Street Team”?…good question…well, in the name of full disclosure we do get some percs but not a lot and we’re definitely not paid but since I’m a happy user of Waves and love talking gear and tech I figured why not? The group of us that have become part of the team (about 15) all come from different backgrounds with a wide range experiences and I happen to be the only drummer in the bunch so, that has been broadly designated as my area of expertise though I have been working in production of all kinds for many years…many before there were plugins and DAWs! So, if you have any
questions about Waves plug ins specifically or production in general I’d be happy to help as far as I can. I hope to write a few tips or ideas here soon if I can climb my way out of the seemingly endless pile of tasks sessions and of course, chores that are never finished.
Until then….