“Calling” – Changing Worlds

A video diary of someone “changing worlds”, set to the my song “Calling”.

Des is a star on the Web!


Analog Feedback Machine

Here’s my new build of Phillip David Stearn’s Analog Feedback Machine. I made some minor changes and added two bright LEDs. The circuit is based on an LM324 IC op amp a bunch of resistors, capacitors a transistor, a 9 volt battery and two LEDs. When you touch the two conductive elements you become part of the circuit, creating a feedback loop. If you can’t see the video window click on the image to see a short video.

Characters and beats test

Some of my characters and beats, just for fun.

Valentines Day 1984

I’m hoping to post a few things for the sake of archive, from times long past. Here is an abstract video I created for a an improv jam I did with my friend Brad Craig and my dad back in 1984! I think it was a cassette overdub but may have been done on 1/4″ 8 track. In any case analog, two passes I think, Casio drums, mini bass, piano and vocals by me, Brad on guitar and my dad on flute. We used to have a lot of crazy jam sessions back then. Any kind of holiday was always a good excuse. I hope to put up at least an excerpt from the 4th of July sometime (I think that’s from ’84 too). A very intense experimental piece with fireworks recorded off my roof in Brooklyn mixed with a drum solo, Arp Odyssy and guitar. I think that one is over 20 minutes long.