Desi’s Memorial Day

May 31st 2011
Des is a great kid and he is learning and growing so quickly. We love him very much.
Yesterday, the end of Memorial Day weekend, Des woke up and was still very into brandishing his water pistol. He took it to the water park at pier 6 the day before. We had a great time, him especially. This morning as he happily pretended to shoot me with his, thankfully empty, pistol, I decided I should try again to explain that guns were not something to be taken lightly. I explained that when I was a boy, my parents (his ‘granny’ and ‘papa’) did not allow my brother and I to have any guns. I explained that because they had grown up during what is called a “war” that many people had been hurt by guns and that guns were only okay for target practice and hunting for food and how people don’t like having guns pointed at them because they are very dangerous. I also explained that if you point even a toy gun at someone they might think it was real and it could be very dangerous for him. I was very patient and tried to explain it as simply as I could and he seemed to understand what I told him although, I did have to take the gun away initially to get him to stop shooting me and listen. I put the gun back down in front of him not sure if he would pick it up and resume assaulting me with it but, much to my surprise he didn’t. He looked up at me with a solemn face and didn’t touch the gun and said “I’m going to be a knight! I’m going to get my sword!” and ran off returning to the room brandishing his sword! Oh well.

Yesterday we went to barbecue at our friends Eric and Emily’s. They have a daughter about the same age as Des named Pearl. We had a wonderful time and the kids had a great time playing together. At some point Des notified us that he had to go “poo-poo”. When Pearl heard this she said “I have to go too”. Pearl went first and said “it might take a while…because I have to push it out”. Well it did take a while and nothing ever came out but poor Des announced “a little came out” and indeed he had a poopie accident in his pants. Kindly, Emily lent us a clean pair of Pearl’s underwear as we hadn’t brought any extras for him as he has not had an accident in a very long time. The underwear were kind of purple and a little frilly. Des exclaimed “I can’t wear these. They’re too beautiful”. I felt terrible for him. This morning he was still wearing Pearl’s underwear under his pajamas and when he saw them as he took his morning pee he said “I want cool underwear”. I told him we were about to have breakfast but then we would take a bath and we would put on fresh underwear after that. He insisted “I want cool underwear” I felt bad for him and got him a fresh pair of “cool” underwear (I have no idea where he picked up that they were “cool” underwear from). As I helped him out of Pearl’s underwear he repeated “I want cool underwear, these are too beautiful”

Des and I like to play pirates. It started one day while we were waiting for the bus and he wanted “shoulders”. I was getting tired after a bit and shifted him so he was just sitting on one shoulder. I commented that he was like a pirates parrot sitting on my shoulder. We spent the rest of the ride all the way home saying “Arrrr” after every word and talking about how we were going to mutiny and take over the bus. That night when I had my usual struggle trying to get him to brush his teeth I told him that if he wanted to find the buried treasure he needed strong teeth and began brushing my teeth furiously saying “I’m going to get all the buried treasure, arrrr!” and then he jumped in “no I’m going to get all the treasure, arrr!” and began brushing like he meant it. It’s worked a few times since then but certainly not always. First I told him that we got the treasure with our teeth and so they needed to be strong enough to pick up the treasure chest (which was kind of stretching it even for someone who has no idea about finding buried treasure) but more recently I explained that you need strong teeth to check if coins are really made out of gold and if ones teeth aren’t strong enough that they will break on the coins and then you won’t be able t check if the coins are real anymore if you have no teeth, “arrrr!”.
In the course of being being pirates one day I said to Desi “We’re pirates, arrr!” and he responded “Yes, we’re bad pirates, arr!” …So I thought hmmm…”No! We’re good pirates!…Some of the few, rare good pirates, arrr!..What shall we do? Arrr.” Des replied “Let’s make Mommy walk the plank! Arr.”

“No, no we’re good pirates we don’t make people walk the plank. We save people from walking the plank. We’ll save Mommy from walking the plank! Arrr!” I said

“Yes and then we’ll get all the treasure! Arrr!”” said Des.

“Yes! No, well, we’re good pirates we’ll get all the treasure and then give some to everyone and we’ll make everyone happy” I said.

“Yes, and we’ll turn them all into good pirates! Arrr!” said Des. That’s my boy!

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City Climbers Club logo

Here is the logo I designed for City Climbers Club. Hopefully it will reopen someday if the contractors the city hired to renovate the building ever finish…I’m not holding my breath.

Valentines Day 1984

I’m hoping to post a few things for the sake of archive, from times long past. Here is an abstract video I created for a an improv jam I did with my friend Brad Craig and my dad back in 1984! I think it was a cassette overdub but may have been done on 1/4″ 8 track. In any case analog, two passes I think, Casio drums, mini bass, piano and vocals by me, Brad on guitar and my dad on flute. We used to have a lot of crazy jam sessions back then. Any kind of holiday was always a good excuse. I hope to put up at least an excerpt from the 4th of July sometime (I think that’s from ’84 too). A very intense experimental piece with fireworks recorded off my roof in Brooklyn mixed with a drum solo, Arp Odyssy and guitar. I think that one is over 20 minutes long.

Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through

Gotta Get Up!

As is often the case Marissa got out of bed first this morning and started to prod Des to get up as she usually does on the days she takes him to daycare. Generally I get involved as I’m a light sleeper and as hard as I try to pretend I’m sleeping I’m usually fully awake within seconds. Some days Des pops right up (usually on the weekends when we’re trying to sleep in) but other days he just doesn’t want to budge from bed. So we use various methods to wake the sleeping dreamer. This usually involves some tickling, singing, chanting, wrestling etc…

Here is today’s get out of bed song. Started by Marissa and joined in by me and Des. Originally his part was “No!” but he changed it to “Stop doing that!” by the time I started recording.

Gotta Get Up

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