1986 SK-1

It was 1986 and Casio had just come out with the first consumer priced audio sampler the SK-1 and at about $100 I had to have one although it did seem like a very expensive toy at the time. It was after all small and plastic.
Here’s some music I made with it back in 1986 unearthed from my parents basement. The picture is from around that time, I think in the picture it’s actually a CZ-101.

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City Climbers Club logo

Here is the logo I designed for City Climbers Club. Hopefully it will reopen someday if the contractors the city hired to renovate the building ever finish…I’m not holding my breath.

Valentines Day 1984

I’m hoping to post a few things for the sake of archive, from times long past. Here is an abstract video I created for a an improv jam I did with my friend Brad Craig and my dad back in 1984! I think it was a cassette overdub but may have been done on 1/4″ 8 track. In any case analog, two passes I think, Casio drums, mini bass, piano and vocals by me, Brad on guitar and my dad on flute. We used to have a lot of crazy jam sessions back then. Any kind of holiday was always a good excuse. I hope to put up at least an excerpt from the 4th of July sometime (I think that’s from ’84 too). A very intense experimental piece with fireworks recorded off my roof in Brooklyn mixed with a drum solo, Arp Odyssy and guitar. I think that one is over 20 minutes long.

Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through

Gotta Get Up!

As is often the case Marissa got out of bed first this morning and started to prod Des to get up as she usually does on the days she takes him to daycare. Generally I get involved as I’m a light sleeper and as hard as I try to pretend I’m sleeping I’m usually fully awake within seconds. Some days Des pops right up (usually on the weekends when we’re trying to sleep in) but other days he just doesn’t want to budge from bed. So we use various methods to wake the sleeping dreamer. This usually involves some tickling, singing, chanting, wrestling etc…

Here is today’s get out of bed song. Started by Marissa and joined in by me and Des. Originally his part was “No!” but he changed it to “Stop doing that!” by the time I started recording.

Gotta Get Up

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