About AfroDiaspora

AfroDiaspora contains 143 drum set & percussion loops, 275MB of 44.1Khz 16bit royalty-free .AIFF audio files categorized by BPM. AfroDiaspora consists of percussion and drum set rhythms as well beats influenced by Afrobeat, Afro-Jazz and Afro-Soul grooves.

If you’re looking for that human drum element, AfroDiaspora gives you the gritty authentic vibe of old school Afrobeat and Afro-Soul recordings.

Listen to examples and get free downloads

Hear the AfroDiaspora demo

AfroDiaspora is available for $20.
Owners of Beats & Breaks or LatinTing! can get AfroDiaspora for $10.

Select $10 price option if you own LatinTing! or Beats & Breaks (be sure to reference your original purchase name/email) :

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